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Marcelona Sports Foundation uniquely combines Sports Training with Education and Life Skills to engage and uplift vulnerable and overlooked young people in the most deprived areas of the UK. We aim to build young peoples confidence, capacities, and capabilities to participate in society independently and responsibly as we ultimately work towards reducing youth unemployment, and its negative impact on individuals and society, through our Programmes.

We are committed to helping change the choices young people make for the better, by equipping them with Skills, Knowledge, and Qualifications so they can see themselves in a better light and see a means to a positive and successful future. 


We believe that as well as having the right attitude and determination, young people need the right information and support to succeed. Through our mentors and partnerships we encourage and guide young people to work hard and dream big! 


Speak it - to encourage and provide opportunities for young people to share and discuss their goals and to raise their aspirations. This allows them to visualise their desires and intentions and to derive and organise an action plan to attain it.

Believe it - to develop trust, positivity, and self-confidence in their personal ability to begin and continue in the necessary steps to attain their goals.  

Achieve it - the initial grounding and continued support in expanding and excelling in their goals with conviction and satisfaction.



A massive Thank You from us and our young people to the amazing organisations that support our work and enable us to continuing and expanding our impact on young people!


  • Sported England

  • Barclays

  • Nelson College London

  • Acerbis

OUR MAXIM: Speak it. Believe it. Achieve it


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