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Marcelona Sports Foundation offers adaptable and enjoyable Sport and Education programmes for young people who are disproportionately affected by inactivity and unemployment.

Our programmes crucially combine personal development, mentoring and sports training to equip participants with the skills, understanding and experience needed to secure employment and achieve their sporting ambitions.

Young people with few or no qualifications and/or social or learning difficulties are able to re-engage with education outside of mainstream provisions through projects.

The Need for our projects is evident in recent U studies which highlight the low levels of physical activity, and high levels of unemployment and criminal activity in young people, in particular those from less affluent families, Blacks and Asians.  


Through our Mentorship and Youth Leadership Programmes, we help young people acquire the information, knowledge and support they need to be motivated and prepared to access jobs and begin carving out a career for their future.

Our Mission is to include and empower young people, affecting change whereby young people’s opportunities and successes are not disproportionately affected by their social and demographic background.


Our Aim is to engage young people through sports to develop confidence, skills and to achieve their potential. The main way that we measure our success is by whether our pupils are classified as being in one the following when they leave us, (1) Further Education, (2) Employment or (3) Training.

Our Impact includes 98% of our students successfully continuing into one of the three classifications above after completing our two-year programme. Read our latest impact report below

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